Johno's  Art  on  Glass
Johno's Art Studio has partnered with ​IMAGIO Glass Design.

IMAGIO Glass Design specializes in imaging art on glass.
Glass reflects light back into a room while bringing stunning depth and detail to any work of art.

Why glass:

Improves the aesthetics of any environment
Reflects light
Durable and easy to clean
Creates a positive atmosphere
Preserves the art piece from curling, cracking or tearing

If you wish to create a unique and inviting space, consider having Johno’s artwork imaged on one of
IMAGIO’s glass applications:

Frameless glass art
Solid glass backsplash
Solid glass Splashbacks™
Solid glass wall murals

Each image is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Johno Prascak.

To find out more, contact IMAGIO at

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Stop by Johno's ART Studio to see a sample of the ART on GLASS