I was born in Munhall and grew up in Dormont, PA.
A proud to be a Pittsburgher, living here my entire life creating original art full time from my studio perched top of the historic South Side Slopes.

Johno Prascak

Beginning at age 13, after suffering for 13 years with ulcerative colitis, I had life saving surgery and now wears a permanent ileostomy.  I will never forget my Mom at my bedside and priest administering last rights. My will to survive and desire to do something meaningful with my life motivated me to get well. While recuperating from surgery I studied art, many of the old masters, inspiring me to begin painting as a form of therapy.  Others began asking to purchase my art and my first art exhibit was at the National Aviary Wings & Wildlife Art Show in 1988. The interest and demand for my art grew and continues to this day.​

I create each original with my own unconventional mixture of enamels and sand from the Monongahela River. Applying the sand directly on to the canvas with many layers and drips of paint, giving the art unique texture and depth.
I also accept commissioned work, often incorporating sand from a client's own collection, making the artwork special.

Fascinating people I meet, current events, history and life experiences continue to inspire me. One of the most meaningful commissions sent me to Medjugorie, Yugoslavia in 1990. The challenge was to transfer on to canvas my interpretation of the little village where there have been reported sightings of the Blessed Mother. I painted the pilgrims from around the world, convening in prayer at the cross on top of the mountain. 

I am blessed to have my art in homes and businesses throughout the United States and around the globe, including Canada, Australia, Italy, Singapore and Sweden. My art has graced the walls of NBC's shows and local TV sets.
I connect with many local community groups and charities, helping to raise funds with my art for their causes

 I didn't plan any of this, all I had was the will to live, to do well and help others.
I am so very grateful for this fantastic ride!



OPEN Thursdays Noon - 6PM

We are available most days, please contact us to confirm your visit  if not during regular business hours.  Thank you!  Free parking