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PPG Paints & Pittsburgh Penguins!

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Enamel & Sand ART  by  Pittsburgh's "Sand Man"
Johno Prascak
Johno pioneered the technique of mixing Monongahela River SAND with his ENAMEL paints to create a unique and course texture for his original paintings.  Applying many layers of color creates depth and one of a kind art.
  1. Steel Mill
    Steel Mill
  2. Uncle Richard
    Uncle Richard
  3. Heart #2
    Heart #2
  4. Black 'n Gold
    Black 'n Gold
  5. Melting Pot
    Melting Pot
  6. Heinz Field
    Heinz Field

Fine Art reproductions  online - Click  SHOP  for ART         Limited pieces available at Heinz History Museum Shop & Fallingwater Museum Store

  1. Corporate Art
    Johno's Art Studio is a full service provider of corporate art. Commissioned originals, metal prints and fine art reproductions.
  2. Fundraising
    We offer a unique and creative way to raise funds for your corporate events and charities, schools, churches, non profit, teams, clubs and organizations.
  3. Commissioned Art
    Original art may be commissioned by private individuals or businesses. Johno's originals are created by mixing Enamels & Sand.
  4. Studio Hours
    OPEN Thursday Noon-6PM Otherwise by Chance or Appointment. We are available most days, please contact us to confirm your visit.
 We've partnered with Sarris Candies to bring you Johno's ART on three collectible deluxe boxes of chocolates!​​

Black 'n Gold Pittsburgh
Ole Saint Nick
Pittsburgh Daylight